Lucky Silo Ti Bars

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Titanium bars are the lightest bars on the market that come with extreme strength. These guys weigh just over 1.5 pounds to if you were wondering just how light they are than here you go and they also come in Lucky's signature Silo bar design which has become a fan favorite from fans all over the world. Being lighter and stronger than Aluminum bars these guys are definitely worth the extra penny and if you can save up for these guys we can promise they'll be worth it.

If your goal is to have the lightest setup out there than you definitely need to pick a pair of these up! 

This bar is oversized so it can only be ridden with SCS compression as is and HIC if you were to have a slit installed. If you are currently riding IHC or Mini HIC compression than unfortunately these bars will not work for you!

Note: Once the bars have been cut or altered in any way they are unreturnable